Free drama

Not everyone has to agree on everything, obviously, but there is one issue that I have very clear, although in other things can be more flexible.

I dedicate to each slave the attention that I consider suitable, sometimes with a stricter control and others more relaxed, depending on a lot of different circumstances. But, although there are occasions in which I can sue a number of demands without letting up ramblings, it is precisely they, those who are at my service, who do need to watch for me.

When I hear the words “is that I feel you far distantI understand two things, that the slave in question has not understood what way I want so that it operates our relationship and he is trying a little emotional manipulation that, of course, will not work.

Whining because your Owner don’t pays attention to you? Fight for it and work to get it.

The slave who wears my collar, leads it to provide and cheer my life, not to bore me with regrets. The dramas and scenes like this are things that disgust me and make me take radical decisions. Unless they happen during a punctual emotional torture myself seek, of course.

I don’t take a slave to embitter my life, but to put smiles on my face with his effort and pride I can feel in own him.

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