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You ask a lot how it is possible that each day I can think of a topic to talk about here, you say you’re surprised by the volume of the blog and all the content it has.

The truth is that I don’t consider on how, maybe because neither I know myself, I follow a sort of daily self-discipline to keep this up updated and try to do new photos, I know you like them.

Themes? Well, in FemDom and BDSM themes, practices and viewpoints are endless, but the truth is that some days it’s hard for me to find a starting point so that it does not become repetitive.

Sometimes I start with a fleeting thought that goes through my mind and in the course of writing, I go changing the subject. But I always say what I think, that is immovable.

This blog was born without thinking too much about how it would be, maybe at first it was kind of a test to see what the host would have a space to express myself and parking taboos, taking every single post and every topic with the naturalness they deserve.

And this is the result that, even with some detractors, I know also has many loyal followers daily 馃槈

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  1. I love your stuff and wish I could be with you in Madrid right now, taking my strokes of your whip, but sadly that is not going to happen.

    I can have my dreams.


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