Own and other

There is some confusion in the submissive área about me and I’ll clarify this a bit.

One thing is the treat I give the submissive that don’t belong to me in events, parties or casual gatherings and quite another the one I give to mine. And even with my slaves are different times with different treatment, because during the day there is time for laughter, for complicity, to get serious, for recreation and for many other things.

Being a slave of CruelDama is not easy or simple. I test many, applicants are accepted often, but I am only staying with the best. My collar is in the neck of a lucky few, those who demonstrate every day they deserve to be at my service.

Basically it is that I know how I want to be my D/s relationships.

As Dominant I lead and demand, listen to my slaves, plus I like they have initiatives, but it’s me who has the last word and who makes the decisions (this is how I conceive and want a D/s relationship).

At times I can be more permissive, but in others I’m not. I punish if I have to do it and impose restrictions when I consider it necessary. But I don’t give orders to those who don’t belong to me (precisely for this reason, because they don’t belong to me).

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