Social life

Yesterday I attended the Spanking event of Nasero (I am an enthusiastic Spanker). This was close to home and with nice people in a location not yet known (Taboo), so I did not think twice. And I had a great time.

So much so that in the course of the party, NeFeR and I agreed with the owner of the place to do right there the celebration of International BDSM Day, that is, on Thursday, July 24.

And tomorrow event in the dungeon, this time we join the international Gay Pride celebration and dedicate this issue to our party, although the Oasis Of Sado never make distinctions regarding the sexual identity of anyone and, as always, I emphasize on the dungeon premises you can do all kinds of practices or just take a drink chatting with attendees.

love you dare to come (we don’t bite, at least not too hard at first, lol) and meet you in person; it’s great to put a face to the people we interact online.

I’m thinking it’s a long time ago I don’t organize a contest here and the two you see on the Contests section were fun. I have not plenty of time, but there is always room for the things of the blog, so I will have to organize another one 馃槈

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