To the dungeon!

Taking a cursory glance at my blog might seem to live in a continuous party. Well … one does what one can 馃槈

Joking apart, that’s what happens when you organize parties, not only you organize, but enjoy them as well.

But BDSM parties are only once a week (sometimes twice), but if we add the sessions I have with my slaves, yes, I can say that I constantly have fun.

Also, I think it’s obvious that I am very fetishistic; I love getting pretty in latex, leather, vinyl, impossible heels, boots, corsets, leggings, very short skirts and enjoy my life the way I like.

But not everything goes sheathed in leather, because I also love being served on the street surrounded by people and dressed in comfortable jeans, I live integrated into society.

Today the Gay Pride parade is celebrated, but tonight, we have the LGBT Gay Pride celebration with sado dyes in the dungeon, so I hope to see many of you there 馃槈

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