Things I dislike

I see things I do not like. And I say nothing. Everyone is free to do whatever we want.

Nor think anyone needs my criticisms. They have not asked my opinion, therefore, I still do not say anything. But I see things I do not like.

And today I‘m not talking about roles, as these are things that affect people I appreciate, but we all are adults and make our own choices.

My friends (the true ones) know they can count on me if they need me, and although sometimes I see things I do not like, we are all entitled to make mistakes or do things our way.

But who boasts of having my friendship and only seeks me when they want to promote themselves or when they want something from me, not bothering to cultivate my friendship, may get an unexpected surprise when they find my door closed.

I’m a good friend, but I‘m not stupid 馃檪

No need hypocrisy, is something that disgusts me. I don’t want empty compliments or false affections. I avoid drama and continue with my life, that life which belongs to me, the one I enjoy and build every day.

And that’s exactly what I do, go on with my life. Even if I see things I do not like 馃槈

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