Screams and appellatives

Yesterday talked about some things I do not like, but there are more.

I don’t like having to raise my voice. If you don’t hear me when I speak, you raise the tone of your monologue and do not bother to listen to what I have to say, I’m not going to upload mine, I’ll let you continue your speech and ignore the content, since I neither like you cut me when I talk and much less wrap in a shouting match.

Do not think it’s necessary, I prefer to talk to people who know how to listen and be heard.

I resent those who speak loudly to be noticed, unless you‘re in a noisy party and has no choice but to raise our voice to communicate.

It is very unusual for me to shout, except for an intense session in which I emphasize humiliation, punishment or appetite. But these things take place in private, with the individual concerned.

I hate be addressed with names such as “hun, “love” or the like. I usually twist my mouth instinctively and if the little word comes from a submissive’s mouth, my disgust is evident. I’m not your sweetheart, your little wife nor any of those cloying words that can be used with other, not me. However I do not dislike when some friend do it (depending on how and from whom), but a Hi, sweetie” or “Greetings, lovely” from another Mistress (especially if it comes from someone I admire) gets me smile.

There are many things I do not like, in fact there are many more, but here is a small sketch 馃槈

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