Excuses and truths

Everything we do, every decision we make and every path we choose is what makes us what we are. Excuses and wailing out.

If your life does not make you happy, no one but you is to blame, because only you have chosen to do so. Nothing will change with complaints and whining, the more comfortable that your situation is in the background. Strive to change what you don’t like and don’t expect the fairy godmother comes (she doesn’t exist) with magic wand (does not exist either).

If you don’t have the courage to change things and you shield yourself into the excuses you want to believe, great, but you know what the truth is, even if you deny yourself.

In FemDom and BDSM, many women seek boyfriend or hubby invoking his burning desire to explore their role (Girls, Grey is a fictional character). Another thing is a FemDomWife, but do not talk about these cases that are great and it’s very a different thing, but about those in seeking that all evils vanish magically.

And many men are looking for their dreamed Lady or their perfect whore, because they decide a Domina is a woman with powers (when we have no more powers than those the submissives and slaves provide us with) or are convinced that female submissives are available sluts.

Of course, not all cases are like this, there are fantastic Dominas living and enjoying their role and their lives with the naturalness it has and wonderful submissives that complement us making all parts happy.

But there are no panaceas, everyone has to find their own way and solve their own problems (besides enjoying submissive and slaves that serve us).

Anyway, with this post I will have won a few reviews, but we all know that the above is completely true 馃槈

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