In fighting

Terrible mess I have on my computer right now. Many dalliances for updating the website that I have with my own domain and many annoyances because, although is myself who always update everything everywhere, not familiar with the operation of this platform.

Having overcome these upsets and found that I can do it alone (I hate to depend on anybody), I have my hosting and I hope today the site be placed there, where I’ll continue tweaking in my way.

It’s pretty simple when you get to see the light at the end of the tunnel, ’cause I have parked this for a few months, but I guess now comes the worst. I am not a programmer and have always worked with templates, but when I want something… 馃槈

The webmaster of TALKFEMDOM helps me out so that everything is set up, but  I’ll learn to do whatever is necessary and will finish for laughing at myself, thinking how simple is everything (when it’s all done, of course, lol).

Anyway, what I mean is that when I want something, fight for it. I accept help when it is necessary, but only when I really need a little push to continue on my own, it is a reality that there is nothing like being completely independent.

Few months ago I requested right here volunteers to help me out and had several offers, but in a very vague way. For reasons of my many other activities I went parking all this for lack of time, but in my life always comes the time to put myself down to work and resolve outstanding things.

It will be not so easy to make necessary arrangements, although the site is up and running, but I have no doubt I’ll succeed 馃檪

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