Work and leisure

After a week of ups and downs, managements and much computer work (although much remains to be done), weekend has come and tonight we’ll have fun in the dungeon.

Take advantage of the opportunity, that there are still few private parties, as during the month of August The Oasis Of Sado will rest.

Still not want to reveal anything, but soon there will be changes, those blessed changes that make things are channeled in the right direction and everything is running satisfactorily.

The work is hard, but when something attracts me and crosses between his eyebrows, obstacles do not scare me.

And not all is work, because I love to enjoy my time surrounded by mine, letting them pamper me and subjecting them to a thousand devilments that cross my mind.

See you tonight? 馃槈

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  1. How i wish i could ! xxooxxoo


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