Busy Sunday

Today is one of those days when I woke up feeling good, energized and eager to do a thousand things. In fact I’ve got not a thousand, but a million things to do.

Such as fixing my new site, including new pics, updating and correcting things, asking all those directories and Mistresses to modify the link of my banner on their pages, placing their banners along with all the new ones coming, testing things…

I look forward to see done all I want to do in my new space but I’m still gingerly doing tests, though I think progress is noticing.

By the others it will be a busy Sunday, some movie, a midafternoon walk to clear ideas and devise new perversions 馃檪

Next Saturday there will be another private BDSM party in the dungeon, don’t miss the performance of Marqu茅s de Zas and Nefer. I will not tell the development, of course, but I was told a little bit and I am sure it will be another success. The title is Gloryhole, guess the content or come to see it in person 馃槈

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