My writing

Here I talk about me, my life, my preferences, my friends, what I like and what I don’t like, what I find exciting and what I hate, what I think and feel, my slaves, my applicants, my romps, my parties, my projects

Those who know me well say that my blog is very me, a true reflection of me, without more Photoshop retouching than watermarks I make on my photos. Those who do not know me well imagine me and some dream about that Cruel Lady they follow.

Among those who do not know me, not even bother to read me, are often important prejudices against two key words: Financial Domme. And they have the right to refuse Financial Domination, of course, I do not force anyone to anything, not persecute anyone or, as some narrow minded seem to think, I don’t go through life asking. I’m not a beggar, I am a Lady with a series of fetishes that I enjoy tremendously.

I assumed and became reconciled years ago with my sadistic and Dominant nature and learned to channel my Domination toward satisfying my instincts, enjoying my fetishes which, incidentally, are not limited to money, but cover a broad spectrum of exciting things.

Over time I put a sieve against both idle seeking me, not to waste my time doing things I did not want to do, ie entertain those seeking their own pleasure and see me as a mere tool to achieve it. I should clarify that masturbation is very healthy. If Domme agrees everything is fine, but if you do it with lies and not even communicate her, you are a scoundrel (and then Dommes get on us arrogant fame).

Anyway, I’ll keep telling you snippets of my life, though I have also plans about this 馃槈

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