Several tidbits

My anxious mind doesn’t rest and I go touching up at times. This habit of mine to mold my properties to leave them to my liking … 馃槈

Soon there will be news there, but I’m still testing to see how best to do what I want. I’ve mentioned before I didn’t know this platform and still go slowly, but I’ll finish dominating it 馃榾

It motivates me getting small improvements and the good response from visitors to the site, and the speed of directories and Dominas linking my banners, which I appreciate, to give the site an initial impulse.

And holidays are just around the corner, but you know my laptop goes with me wherever I go and I always have a few letters (or pics) every day.

But there are still some BDSM events to enjoy this month. Gloryhole performance Saturday in the dungeon and on Thursday 24, as it could not be otherwise, the celebration of BDSM International Day in Taboo.

From there my social life will relax and furthermore to attend my personal business, I hope I’ll can disconnect a little bit (though never entirely disconnected).

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