My kitty

Long time no write about my slaves, so today I will make blush one in particular.

He’s my feline. I’ve distorted his face for privacy and its a shame because he is a very handsome kitty, with fully catlike green eyes and a personality very much in keeping with his nickname though, however much he goes away to the roofs of several cities, always comes back to me.

We know each other for some years now and, despite not wearing my collar from the beginning, he was always mine and we both know it.

He lives far from Madrid and comes from time to time, but the connection between us is such that each new encounter, although months have passed, is as if he had been at my feet the day before.

I love knowing he‘s there, although there are times when the only contact is by WhatsApp messages, but when kitty comes, with that mixture of playful kitten face and shyness and his conviction of surrender, willing to do whatever I want, makes me smile.

He is a proud cat and I’m sure that this entry will make him purr all day. But do not trust you, kitty, time passes quickly and soon you’ll be back at my feet, where should be corrected where everything has to be corrected 馃槈

Sentimentalism? Absolutely not, simple appreciation for my properties.

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