Souls in torment

Some time ago I wrote a post about the plaintive submissives, those who use the technique to awaken some sort of maternal or protector instinct in Dominas, complaining about their fate and how much they want to find Owner.

I don’t know if it works with others, to me cause me a stunning rejection. I’m not your little wife have to holds you, your girlfriend, your therapist or anything like that. I am the Mistress of my slaves, those slaves I chose because there is feeling between us, between adults living their role, that put my wishes to theirs and are happy that way, not the mourners who call all doors with self-pitying speeches.

I am understanding and I know that the task of finding the appropriate Owner is not simple, but these approaches with drama included are, for me, the worst cover letter.

It would be desirable that all these energies they spend on airing their sorrows would become an original way to draw attention to the Domme they wish to surrender. And therein lies another really important thing for us, in those last words call attention to the Domme they wish to surrender“. When I see they dedicate all the same words that to me, periods and commas included, they lose until the last hint of credibility.

A little bit of originality! If what you want is a relationship with someone who feels sorry for you, ask yourself if you really are looking for an Owner or is it something different.

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