Yesterday talked about whining submissives and, indeed, I was not referring only to male submissives. Although there is also much to be said on the other end of the whip.

Seems I am annoying, but it really is I’m not, since a long time ago I decided to ignore all those things that do not add anything positive to my life, and maybe over the years I have become much more tolerant of what people wants to do with their life.

However here I express my opinions based on my personal experiences and my preferences. One day I talk about the tree trying to get its branches in my room, the other day how amazing it seems to me certain behavior and the next I convey my enthusiasm for a new project or an especially fun party.

And I always speak with respect, because I think that’s essential, regardless of the opinion you’ve got of me.

Because you have your own opinions, of course, that the comments section is moderated because I do not tolerate disrespect in my own home. I admit reviews and that your opinion is not like mine, but what I do not consent are insults. And to wrap myself in pointless discussion is discarded.

Among those who read me there are people who make my daily efforts in spreading my world be something rewarding. My blog is different. And with that I stay, with my blog is not one more blog, but a space for some to read, not only to see photos of gorgeous models staging FemDom 馃槈

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  1. Readers of your blog would do well to remember the the blog speaks of you and who you are and not what they might want, expect or imagine you to be. i don’t have to advise you to stay true to yourself, you already do that perfectly well and any who do not like what they read should go look elsewhere.


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