We took a month of summer, but for me it is as if it had started. It’s now when I take things much more calm and will do all those things I‘m always putting off.

I have several pending trips, friends to visit, places to see and this is the perfect time to enjoy all that.

There are some books that appeal to me very much, movies to watch in a carefree way and of course, meet in person those applicants to serve me who don’t live in Madrid but with whom I hope to meet soon.

I’ll be coming and going from one place to another, sometimes alone, sometimes accompanied, visiting shops, occasionally disappearing in mountain walks, along the beach and cities I wish to see again.

I will keep learning to work on my website to update it and make myself all the changes that I have planned, in addition to leaving my post here everyday whenever I can, because my laptop is always with me wherever I go.

But it’s time to disconnect a bit more, enjoying the sun and make these sessions in which I don’t know when will end although, if I think carefully, my sessions are usually thus 馃榾

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