I could…

Today I could talk about those submissives who tell precious words for each and every one of us. Words of eternal surrender they tell us and repeat to the next one as soon as the first difficulty arises, or disappear with that unconditional surrender of which they boasted right and left.

I could go on about the complete and total lack of ethics of some Dominas, those who persecute properties of others without qualms nor respecting the collars they wear.

I could tell you a few anecdotes about how false and devious are some people. I could even speak of all those who approach with beautiful words of friendship and affection only to get renown and promote themselves alongside those who have prestige on their own merit.

I could say so many things of so many people

But today is a beautiful day with bright sunshine and I have better things to do than give importance to those who have none 馃檪

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