Mind games

I like to make think those around me, exercise their minds and draw their own conclusions without sticking to my opinions.

Although my slaves may not agree with me on something, my opinions and my decisions are what prevail. However there is always a moment to let them express themselves freely, thus I get lots of information about what goes through their heads.

It’s nice to keep pleasant conversations, robots are monotonous and boring. And there is always the gag resource when the talk gets weighed, right? :D

But I am not always clear and direct, sometimes I like to make insinuations, to go leaving little clues for them to squeeze their brain thinking about what can please me, what can they do or how I hope they react.

These small and unexpected tests can baffle at times, but keep my pooches aware of their Owner and that’s the goal, not to relax their attention while reaching themselves to the desired conclusions.

Manipulation? Of course! I love playing with all my minds 馃檪

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