Private messages

It’s very rare I answer a private message on social networks or chats, unless the sender is a friend. Applicants to serve me must follow the protocol outlined in the Serve Me section of my website.

No exceptions. Respect my rules, you all know I am a Financial Domme and my time is not for free. If you don’t wish to serve me, there’s no problem, but do accept that I don’t want to waste my time.

Whoever wants to know me, just read my blog (this is a free site), here I answer all those questions with which you try an approach.

You can get a private conversation with me directly, tell me your concerns and your questions or ask me whatever you want using Skype or Yahoo with directions I mention on my website.

It’s sad that every so often I have to re-write a post like this, but the way things are. I appreciate the compliments for the blog and all those lovely words you dedicate me but, if you want to send me any comments, do it right here, in the articles I write, both my blog and I will doubly appreciate it.

And if you want to tell me your fantasies, ask me something privately or just a chat about anything, show me your respect and do it in the best (and only) possible way 馃檪

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