One eye open

Only a week ago we celebrated 24/7 party and I miss you all, but I needed to be a bit disconnected from the social life and lose myself out there, although FemDom goes with me wherever I go 馃槈

Not disappear entirely, as you see I keep posting here and fighting with computing fitfully, between tutorials and tests, until I get things the way I want.

And not just bring my trusty laptop and light clothes, also my suitcase of the thousand pranks accompanies me, that one always full of beautiful things and my favorite toys.

Resting yes, but … running out getting pretty and playing with some pooch? That never 馃榾

And as the technology is to use it, my slaves don’t remain out of control. Except the one I gave a break for several different reasons, such as to observe his behavior in this time away, for example. Is him failing or behaving as expected? We both know 馃檪

I don’t forget anyone, even though sometimes I give that impression. And so I prefer it, since I get results so striking as truth and reality without pressure and without being decorated by pretty words or excuses I do not want to hear.

How beautiful is sincerity and how much I enjoy my life also on vacation 馃槈

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