Plans in August

August has arrived. I know, is not new, but today I take a brief look back on what has happened in so far this year, all the people I’ve met and all the news that has been for me at this time.

I will not list all those things citing each of them, you know some and others do not need to know. My balance is very positive, although I am not in favor of attributing success or failure to luck.

Each one works our own luck, good or bad, depending on the paths you choose, the decisions you make and the effort you put into achieving your goals.

It’s been a good year for me, I feel better than ever and, after some personal successes, there are a few ongoing projects that will keep me busy (and delighted) in the near future.

But I’ll always have time for my slaves, my sessions and to give an opportunity to anyone who wants to serve me by my rules with the seriousness I demand.

Do you know what is best of all? I love being busy doing all those things I like 馃檪

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