Sometimes we do favors to people around us because we want to, because we appreciate those people or just because we feel like it.

The amazing thing is that people are very much mistaken, if you agree several times, they assume you’re always at their disposal, and the day that your answer is a negative, they take it as a personal affront.

I have no obligation for resolving the life of anyone or bear responsibilities of others, even though I help those I appreciate if it is in my hand. But I am not obliged, I do because I want to do when I want to.

If your problem is going to be my problem, or if you have the nerve to come to me with the arrogance to assume that Imust’ solve it abusing my trust, my answer will be a negative.

I can help my slaves guiding them with personal problems, I can be understanding at some point because, in a long-term relationship, do not always have a good day and there are external factors that can influence our mood, but if any has the idea that being mine is that I resolve his life becoming an inert being without initiative to advance, that relationship has no future.

I pride myself on I’m friends with my friends and responsible for my properties, not an NGO 馃檪

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