Once upon a time…

One day, someone looking for chat rooms to give a little spice to his boring daily life, find others talking about something called BDSM.

At first he was a little scared at the mention of sadomasochism (there are so extrange people on the internet), but something manages to catch his attention, he is attracted to “test” a little those forbidden honeys completely anonymously, with a simple nick not even registered, or a thousand other different nicks with which he can snoop without his identity is compromised.

Observes users, but he is fascinated by a series of rules and behaviors that, those who seem most knowledgeable, respect and even strictly require others.

His thoughts fly and genitals respond amazingly to the possibility of the forbidden, but does not dare more than the odd private exchange with other curious wankers and will not be repeated after the timely ejaculation, although sometimes some are clumsy enough and has to resort to solitary masturbation after a failed private.

But a whole new world has opened his eyes and decides to investigate. What is my role? Do I have a role? When informed that the initial capital letter is indicative of the Dominant role, tries to login with all his nick in lowercase to see what happens.

He likes others to have the initiative, but realizes that using the initial capital letter, they receive him with more education. And so he goes testing until he invents his character with a number of details because, since it is now an expert, he played with class and will get overwhelmed all those nerds new arrive not knowing what a Dominant is, what have believed?

And thus a virtual MegaMaster is born, who will defend to the hilt his Dominant nature, but who will have to turn off the computer when his little wife send him to bed, who will cry for the corners because he spent two hours trying to get hold of a submissive and although was willing to give her his collar, she disappeared, who will crawl in Dominas privates when the opportunity arises and, when he returns from his temporary separation from his playground, will return as a learned who should be pay homage.

And red bunting  馃檪

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