Yesterday I told a story and, although I know many more, yesterday wounded some other susceptibility. Not talking about anyone in particular, but hey, if someone takes the hint, might be because someone feels identified.

And yes, talked about a MegaMaster, though there are much to say in all roles and trends, besides megamasochists and megasadists that, at the sight of a drop of blood, they have to go out to take air.

It was not a criticism of what each one is, but these kind of people dedicated to swagger and try to discredit others, even those that do what they themselves did a few months ago (and even those who know what they do and what they say), to gain a foothold boasting of experience, only parroting what read from others and probably never have come out from behind the screen.

And it’s no a crime to stay in the virtual BDSM. I have a very dear friend who does not want to pass to real in her Domination. But she is not a pretentious, she doesn’t boast of anything and she is a charming Lady.

Nor was a criticism of the way in which each one started on this, because internet is a great means of spreading our wonderful world and many people have come to know the BDSM hereby.

Anyway, one day I will tell you another story, there are so many … 馃檪

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