Self-destructive beings

Self-destructive behavior is often associated with masochism and even sadism but, although there are some cases, this is not a general rule. There are masochistics with a very suitable self esteem and sadistics with their ego and sanity in place.

None have a fairytale life, we all have our problems, but recreating in depression and bitterness wallowing in a sickly apathy and surrendering to that torment that can only grow with such breeding ground is not for me.

As psychological sadist, plus physical, I love playing with the psyche, but if psychological suffering is permanently attached to a mind, even unconsciously, ends up becoming a harmful thing.

These trends are not unique to one role or another, it is common from outside they try to blame us any negative feature, although between vanilla population, which has nothing to do with FemDom and BDSM, we find people trying to get attention seeking acceptance of the worst posible way.

I avoid self-destructive people, Dominant or submissive, they don’t bring anything good into my life. I prefer to surround myself with positive people who know how to enjoy.

How beautiful is life and enjoying everything good that gives us … 馃槈

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