I dare you

Took almost two years translating everyday here my opinions and my lifestyle, and although the hit counter continues to rise further, do not observe a large share in the comments.

I’m not saying that it is obligatory at all, you are very free both commenting as abstain from doing so (even I don’t require it from mine to do so), but anyone who bothers to build a blog and write entries, appreciates a small firm in your path through the site occasionally.

I know, some come to watch pictures and others are ashamed to be seen on the blog of a Financial Domme, it is great that she publishes every day, but it would be a dishonor to leave evidence of your visit, wouldn’t it? 馃檪

My blog is very me, those who know me know it, and it’s also a faithful reflection of myself in this area of which I speak, as in real life is exactly the same: in private I’m praised and you consult me many things that in public are avoided.

After two years of daily blog and many in real (also daily), prejudice continues. A declared Financial Domme that does not hide her activities or her face must be very scary (and arouse a few envy).

Even though it’s one of those things I give no importance, today I dare you to leave a comment here, a phrase, a signature it’ll be fun watching the answer, though I think I know beforehand. Are you going to surprise me? 馃檪


  1. Hi madam,
    There are interesting topics discussed in your blog, helps both in Femdom and real life. It gives an insight in to the life of a Domme.
    Im sure there a many of them visit here everyday like me, learn a lot and add in to their lives.
    Thank you for sharing your life and experiences. Hope to visit regularly.

    • Thank you so much, Talk Femdom, nice to see you writing here 馃檪

  2. i’ve always appreciated Your candor and honesty and hope it continues. As a fellow blogger, sometimes it’s about getting things off one’s chest to the vastness of the cyberverse and sometimes it’s about connecting with like minded spirits. oxoxox

    • My sweet Devina, thank you xx

    • So few words, can mean so much. oxoxox :)))))

  3. i am smiling as i enter this comment because as a blogger myself i agree with you that it is really supportive to receive comments whether positive or negative in so much as it shows that the commenter has read and formed an opinion on your post. i often post here when you write about topics or issues that i feel strongly about. I enjoy your blog particularly because you say what you think and not what people might expect. Please don’t ever change!

    • Thank you, Roxandra, my most faithful commenter on my English blog xx

  4. I stop by your blog every once in awhile. Your approach to your lifestyle is very admirable and appealing. I wish I lived nearer to you.


    • Thanks, Jeff, I’m glad you like my blog 馃檪


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