It’s simple

My life is mine and I have no to answer to anyone about what I do. To get to where I am I have struggled a lot, even with myself.

If you come to me is because you have chosen to do so of your own volition, whether as a friend or a servant, ’cause I don’t want at my feet or my side anyone who does not want to be there.

If you seek to me only when you think you can get something out of me, there will come a time when you will smack against my door, but sometimes it’s fun to pretend I don’t notice and see how far some are able to get 馃檪

If your behavior is the right one, I am charming, if it’s not, I will take you out of my way.

I don’t tend to be arrogant, but at this point in my life, my patience with the nonsense is short and I have very clear that there are very expendable people.

My education allows me to feel comfortable in any social environment, from the most exclusive clubs to the most recondite dungeons, always avid for knowledge and fun, able to find a drop of happiness in unexpected ways and places.

Is precisely why my life is mine and I make of it what I please 馃檪

By the way, Happy Spanking International Day!

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