Myths and Realities

It would be nice if the FemDom and BDSM community would be a foothold among members, to request information when needed, to collaborate among us, to find sufficiently broad open-mindedness to respect the views and practices of others although we don’t understand or are not to our taste

But things are as they are and so we have to accept them.

It’s not necessary to make a drama of it, because we are adults and everyone will know who you can count on and who you discard.

But it’s surprising that we presume to be opened and then we criticize the neighbor because he shares his properties, demands tribute or because is passionate about scat, for example.

And do not use my words as a subterfuge to annoy, I know you and some are going to come asking questions like “how I can find a Domme?” or “do you know a Mistress in my area to recommend me?“. I am CruelDama not lady_Matchmaker.

There are all kinds of people in FemDom, just like out of it. You will find great people and people not so great. Do not mess magnifying. FemDom is made of people and no one is perfect 馃檪

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  1. It would indeed be nice and very useful. It can be very difficult for genuine subs to find a compatible Domme and such a forum would be useful to all not just in putting people together but getting an idea of their respective tastes. Sadly the world is an imperfect place and there are and will always be those who seek only to take from and not to give to such a forum. There are also so many wannabees who when faced with reality get cold feet and back away, wasting time for everyone. And then, yes as you mention there are those who just love to criticise others. Criticism is not a bad thing if it is constructive and well intended but when it comes from bigoted people who consider that only their way is the correct way then all they do is create disharmony to everyone’s detriment. Sadly we are a long way from utopia but happily the serious ones among us manage to find ways to enjoy BDSM to the full.


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