I’m in a quiet place. Very quiet. The temperatures are not as high as in Madrid, but sometimes I have my serious doubts, that three degrees lower in a total of thirty-something are not too noticeable, but the scenery is completely different, relaxing, leisurely

And already I’ve been here a couple of weeks, giving pleasant walks, updating things and fighting with computing.

I have reached (again) to the point where I got stuck and I can not move forward in what I want to do, except those little touches and brushstrokes I give on the pages, so I have no choice but to wait for my Australian friend can give me that little push I need to continue alone.

I asked for help here a few months ago, but I finally was able to solve obstacles. Well, now would not hurt a submissive with skills in this field, someone who knows about web design and SEO, who unveils me some secrets of the wonderful world of computers, since my plans are not confined to the improvement on my website, although that’s my priority right now.

As I received a few emails with offers in that sense, I will love those interested show me some samples of your work. Contact on my mail: crueldama@europe.com

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