How we like to complicate our lives, when things are easy most of the times.

I understand that an emotional masochist loves to make a drama of everything and chew his misfortunes under cover of any excuse to savor them, what amazes me are everyday melodrama in which people wallows to the point of allowing any bullshit blocks them.

If we start from the premise that the happiness of a slave is to make happy his Owner, the slave, knowing in what hands he gets down, surrenders to her desires (own free will) even not being masochistic or having to do unwanted routine tasks.

Is your life a whirlwind of disappointments? You may need to find another way or other persons who fill you. Is the unwanted loneliness installed in your life? Ask yourself why and modify your mistakes. Serving your Mistress does not make you happy? Request her she gives you back your freedom and go on with your life, she will continue with hers.

This post is dedicated to someone in particular, someone who fears the changes and does not notice that changes, although now can not see beyond the immediate future, mean improvements and evolution, however difficult at first.

To big problems, big solutions. And if your problems are not so great, why are you in such distress?

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