Your mind, My mind

In my eagerness of fun, I look for all possible information about a potential victim for both enjoyment.

That is, as long as the possible “victim” interests me, of course.

That part is often omitted to go directly to physical play. And it’s great, indeed, as also for me two or three hours of session without major implications are fun.

But I enjoy tremendously the psychological part. I love making mine a mind, playing with it, testing, knowing and even oppressing it at certain times.

A look, a word, a gesture, a tone of voice and the slave will be alert making his whole being focuses on me. He will think, not always consciously, if any of his actions will be to my liking before starting it. He will analyze whether I’m bothered by something he said, something he has done or something that has been left undone, will bow down his head waiting, ready to what comes, no buts, no fuss, no excuses

Not easy to get to that point, is not a short or easy process and, for this it’s essential the involvement of two parts: my interest and his surrender. If one of them fails… game over 馃檪

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  1. This is the ultimate in domination, taking over the mind so that the slave is already thinking his owner’s thoughts and so anticipating the owner’s needs. It does take time but the rewards for both owner and slave are enduring.


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