Seriousness and eroticism

Who does not like to eroticize certain moments that will become special? Elicit responses in everyday situations as a dared comment publicly to produce an involuntary erection in the slave that accompanies me, leave him blank with a whatsapp that only he will understand, dry his throat with a gesture of mine for him to intuit he’s going to be punished although not know how

There are many hotness ways and I am very playful 馃槈

I like protocol and the seriousness of the things I do, however I don’t let that solemnity stop me from enjoying my games, just the opposite.

I am serious and sharp when I consider appropriate, but I like to enjoy my life. You can be serious and biting even dining in a restaurant and resting my foot on my slave‘s genitals (with or without CB) under the table. And if between dishes I whisper a little preview of what I will do to him privately after dinner, I’ll feed not only of what we are eating, but also his “anxiety” at what’s imminent.

Yes, I also like to use a whip with the submissives attending an event, but for my relationships I want that “something else”. That one of them goes through a chastity period doesn’t mean I have to stop having fun, right? 馃榾

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