Although sometimes it may seem that I don’t, I greatly appreciate the effort of my slaves and every little detail that my friends have with me.

It happens that my strong character is what it is and I don’t feel comfortable with jams, although I like to correspond with attentions to those who have them with me. I’m not with kisses and empty words, I’m with realities and facts that show them.

I don’t share free compliments and my slaves listen few words of approval; if I have to reward an action or behavior, I usually do with concessions, not blandishments.

I can seem haughty and arrogant in certain circumstances, and even be so if this is how I feel, because what I am not is hypocritical.

If I appreciate you, I’ll let you notice it. If you stab me in my back, I will also let you to note 馃檪

Probably some of you would want to read other things here, but this blog is not about how things should be, or how you imagine they are, but on how I live and see them and how I am.

No need you to understand me, I understand myself already.

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