Physical aspect

Whether sportswear, a corset or an elegant dress, each woman chooses her clothes based on how she feels about them in the activities she develops.

I am pretty tough for clothes and accessories and more than once came back from an afternoon of shopping with anything but what I was looking at not finding what I want or do not feel comfortable with what I tested.

We take our time to be beautiful, to feel beautiful. It’s not necessary to be a top model, because we all have qualities that can be just as attractive than a face or a sculpted body. Enough to know to take advantage of oneself and not give in to laziness or carelessness.

It’s important to care for and spend some time (without that it becomes an obsession) to feel beauty. The physical aspect is a cover letter, although attitude, behavior and social skills are no less important.

Would you surrender to a dirty Domme, with hobbit feet or making a fuss wherever she goes? Well, don’t answer, everyone has their own paraphilias, lol.

What is undeniable is that we all like to be told how beautiful we are 馃槈

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