The age of the internet

Social networks, groups, communities, mails, messages, forums, tweets, photos, videos, blogs, chat rooms, websites countless ways to contact among internet users. Myself included, obviously. Even on vacation I’m connected at times.

The breakneck speed of the virtual world is such that what was yesterday the latest generation, is now obsolete or have been overtaken by new versions or stunning updates that never cease to amaze us.

Nowadays there are languages​​, programs, operating systems, addons, pluggins and many other things that those we have lived in times of Basic, Cobol and MS-DOS programming, could not even imagine back then.

New generations can not imagine how rudimentary was all, with diskettes, daisy wheel printers making an awful noise, webcams with which you were lucky to get to make out what was on the other side, monitors that occupied the whole table

CruelDama has lived long, buut I’m sure that the best is yet to come. And I’ll not lose it, but I warn you that there are also a lot of fun out of internet 😉

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