Not everything is perfect in FemDom, although I would not change it for anything.

We all have had not so lucky episodes and have known people who seem what they finally are not.

There are very unstable characters and very lost minds that set up their movies on their head and end up believieng them, assuming that things are as they imagined them, without regard that the script of what happens between Owner and slave is written by the Dominant, with the acceptance (and contributions that are allowed) of the submissive partner.

To a certain extent it’s common that a submissive or slave tries to manipulate things so he gets what he wants, but Domnes are the ones who decide what we consent and what we deny.

If, after you’ve surrendered, you will have childish tantrums because you are not granted what you want, you should review the role you’ve awarded yourself, because that is not submission, but stupidity. And if you try to get something reproaching what you have done for your Owner, remember that submission doesn’t mean to demand something in return for your surrender, but to serve the other person giving the best of yourself.

However there are those little pearls that arise very occasionally, those who feel true submission. And those are worthwhile, give meaning to FemDom and make their Dommes happy Women.

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