With some outings included, for me it’s been one of the most relaxing month of August I remember. Much cinema, healthy food, walks through places where they have never heard of something called stress

When I arrived there was not even internet in the house, although the USB modem solved that little detail.

The truth is that it’s a great place to be missing, although can not sunbathing. And not because is not sunny here, the reasons are different.

I even have a little dog that follows me everywhere (I think I‘ve already mentioned him in another post), well, they are actually two, but now I’m talking about the four-legged one 馃槈

And even here, with all the calm of the world, I love to play. And I know many of you would love me to tell you some of my sessions with great attention to detail. But those details belong to my privacy and that is where they will remain.

It’s difficult to make a great social life here, but there will be parties, reencounters, events and many innovations to live in September. For now I’ll keep missing watching movies, doing sessions, walking, getting wonderful massages and updating my stuff on the net.

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