Best session ever

Someone asked me what was the best session of my life.

Not so easy to answer that. There have been many I can remember: some with mixed feelings included, others began without thinking and ended up being fantastic and many that I will never forget for different reasons.

But, in spite of not having been few, I think my answer is the one I gave, although not all filled my expectations.

I’ve played a lot of games, there have been many various practices, different submissives and slaves, scenarios of all kinds, countless tools and outfits But I’m not tired of playing and of experiencing, quite the opposite.

Over time we are giving shape to what we like and select varying preferences, investigating and perfecting new things that maybe didn’t attract us formerly, we discard those we don’t like and we made up others more satisfactory.

In any case, I stand by my answer: the best session of my life is always the next one 馃槈

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