Positive insight

It’s hard to say goodbye to some things, some people. But, though hard to recover from a breakup or a loss, it’s not good to stay crying over the past forever having so many things to do in our present.

The past is gone and will not return, and after a period of emotional adjustment, we must continue our way.

No need to remove from the mind whatever has ocurred, but accept it and reconnect with the present.

I’ve been somewhat apart this month but, besides enjoying my vacation, I needed a little space. In this time I’ve made ​​some important decisions, since it’s not good to go dragging burdens that hinder us from moving forward.

And no, I will not tell any misfortune that has taken place, because there is nothing to tell. I like to convey the positive things that are many and available to everyone.

There are many joys in my present, people who appreciate me, wishful thinking and projects. Soon CruelDama will return to Madrid stronger than ever and looking forward to see you all 🙂

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