Fake profiles

Not all are fake (thankfully!), nor submissive role has the exclusivity of lies, that everywhere they boil beans.

It’s more than known that there are many fake profiles and nicknames in any social network or chat room, but this weekend I was speechless when I arrived to an appointment with a Domina with whom I‘ve been interacting for several months in certain social network.

I reached the pub where we had quoted, and while my slave asked drinks, I was approached by a guy with a wide grin on his face. The first thing I thought was that he would be one of her submissives, but when he sat down next to me and told me he was her…

I clarify I have absolutely no prejudice against transgender or transvestite Dommes, I even say more, I have some good friends among them. But was not the case. This guy doesn’t even told the truth to the submissives who aspire to serve him (her?), having them completely deceived.

I just checked he has canceled his profile. I guess that having said that today I would comment something about this helped him to decide it.

Still don’t know what pushed him to uncover himself for me, because the last thing I would support is falsehood. Finally, one more anecdote, whoever wishes, do draw conclusions.


  1. Sadly the BDSM internet world seems to have more than its fair share of deceivers, both as subs and Dommes, and the genuine among us are left to filter out the wheat from the chaff. Pretend subs are bad enough, wasting the time of genuine Dommes but a false Domme must rank among the worst of the worst, especially if they are gaining financially from their deception as some definitely do. Good for you for threatening to expose him – not that it won’t prevent him from returning in another guise.

  2. A lesson learned for any Domme or sub as to never allow good judgement and common sense to be interfered with desire and fantasy.


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