Behavior and respect

I’ve got a very playful slave, he loves to provoke others and mess around making jokes, ie, he is the typical social butterfly, the soul of the meetings.

And I like him to be this way, in fact I laugh very much with his jokes and quick responses to the jokes of others. But there is a but, or rather, there was.

Though he knows perfectly what his place is and of course, he is the most respectful and attentive with me, a few days ago I reminded him that, including jokes, he wears a pretty collar that represents me.

I don’t usually restrict social movements of my slaves, unless we‘re in a code meeting or that I please get serious at certain times, but I made him notice that his behavior with submissives he doesn’t know was not appropriate. One thing is a joke and another the lack of respect.

I don’t want to change his personality, I love how he is, but he must modify some points of his behavior.

I don’t forbid my slaves interacting with other submissives or Dominants at all, I fully trust them (it would be terrible not to do so) because they know who they belong to and show it every day.

They are mine by their own choice and they show it with the respect they profess me, whether I’m in front or not, not forgetting they are no longer just Joseph, Frank or John, but CruelDama’s slaves. And this also goes for those who wish to serve me. ¿Jokes? of course, respect always.

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  1. Without humour our lives would be dull indeed! The ability to laugh at situations makes even the most onerous times bearable. But you are right, there must always be respect and pointed sarcastic humour that attacks personal traits can be hurtful and damaging. Sometimes people need to be reminded of this.


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