Setting dates

Yesterday I announced the BDSM party scheduled for September 6th in Madrid. I hope you all have the same desire to have fun that we have. But today, after a series of questions you made me, I’ll clarify something.

No, The Oasis Of Sado will not have parties every weekend as we have done so far. We’ll make one or two events a month in the dungeon and maybe another somewhere else, so stay tuned for the dates we will announce and make your reservations, ’cause you could get to the dungeon and find it closed.

For us every event is different and really fun, but also exhausting, it not only means reaching out and take whips, but there is a whole organization behind.

And we love it! But we should not overwhelm the supply of events and there is growing throughout the city. Moreover, in this way we will meet with you not only in our parties, but also in others.

The time to wear again wonderful skirts, fabulous corsets, amazing heels, beautiful gloves, latex, leather, vinyl… or just black clothes approaches. The important thing is to enjoy our meetings the way that everyone want.

The purpose is to have fun and I’ll be advertising the next parties of The Oasis Of Sado right here as we finalized details 馃槈

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