Insecurity stems from distrust of the own capacities. Nothing ventured, not lose, but neither will ever win.

If we decided to stay at home for fear of what might happen outside, we are denying ourselves the limitless possibilities of achieving our goals and enjoy every challenge that comes along.

I’ve known many submissives who died of fear thinking about meeting me in person, not in a session, but even having a coffee in a public place or attending an event. Many of them never took the step, but others, those who got the courage to go to an appointment, not only did not repent, but were satisfied of two things: to know me and overcome their fears.

In any action mishaps may arise, to get overcome is a matter of attitude. You can change insecurity in enthusiasm, it’s easier than it sounds because, once fears are overtaken, after the barrier you can find exciting things and people.

What are you, of those who hide or those who live?

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