Diversity on networks

We can find all kinds of people on social networks, but I assure you that is exactly the same people we see on the street, even hide behind a nickname (or several).

And of course, as they say, to each his own topic. I myself spread around my daily post.

Some days I laugh a lot with comments, others I hardly stay for a little while because I get incredibly bored with how repetitive are some with “wish it was me who was thereand things like that at the foot of each pic.

It’s highly commendable having fantasies and that’s all that most will have, so I greet my friends, share a joke with my closest and change the link in my browser.

I see my post is getting a little arrogant, but hey, you know that even though I try to be diplomatic, I keep saying what I think 馃槈

I can’t say I love you all, but I have fun with you all. I block a few people, but there are also such cases.

Not everything is a crap, as I read some out there, if it were, what are they doing that they have not canceled their profiles in this “junk”? For me it’s not rubbish, although I don’t spend my entire day stuck there. There have been great moments and many others are coming.

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