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So much to do after a whole month missing

The first thing is to make a visit to my hairdresser, I guess one of his affected squeals when he sees how my hair comes. Catch up on all… and, above all, organize the party on Saturday at the dungeon.

It has been an intense month, but September will not be less, because I have lots of activities planned and really looking forward to see my slaves, besides enjoying my city and my friends.

I am excited like a child visiting a funfair, lol.

My bitch has taken care of the fort in my absence and deserves an award. Did the others have behaved well? 馃檪 Let’s see what I find, although I don’t expect many surprises, because I know who belongs to me and who plays beating around the bush.

A new course begins with enthusiasm and eager to retake it all. See you very very soon!

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