No nonsense

There are submissives who disappeared from my life in somewhat peculiar ways and suddenly reappear pretending to be part of my friends. There are friends that draw a big smile when they see me and spew venom as I turn around. Some people hide from me in public and try to sneak approaches

I try to get along with everyone because although I don’t like everybody, I don’t dramatize wherever I go, quite the opposite. Dramas are energy-intensive, I prefer to use my energy in more enjoyable ways. But I’m not a hypocrite. I just avoid what I do not like in a discrete manner.

I’m not interested in people who just bring negativity or those that come to me to solve their lives, as I have my own responsibilities.

If you come to me, do no nonsense, mysteries, dramas or bending, you’ll see that you will not find any of those things in me. If you earn my trust, you get much more than you imagine, otherwise you will not get anything at all.

Life is too beautiful to mess it with nonsense. At least mine 馃檪

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