Pleasant surprises

It’s interesting to note that you have absolutely nothing in common with people that a few months ago you thought you had.

Maybe people have changed, or maybe there are not any changes and it was you who saw in them what you wanted to see.

Anyway, everyone is entitled to take the path they want.

What’s really nice is when you start to observe someone, for whatever reason, you had not noticed before and discover a diamond in the rough or a cabochon patiently waiting to be carved.

No one is infallible. No one. We all make mistakes at some point. And it’s okay to recognize and rectify. Not just the world ends but it’s very sane to assume one’s mistakes and move forward.

You can not chain who do not want to be chained or help those who do not want to be helped.

Upon returning to Madrid I have met someone that has surprised me. Who knows? Time will tell 馃檪

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