Saturday Night Party

Busy with the preparations for the party in the dungeon. I can’t wait tomorrow night arrives!

What I find curious is that, with the announcement that we will not do parties every weekend, I saw a sad face on those that never come, those who complain that there are no events and, when there are, arises them a funeral, a disease or something inescapable. Always.

Don’t suffer, community (at least not all), tomorrow we will be in the dungeon and there will be all the fun that participants are willing to enjoy, as parties are made ​​among all we go.

Want to be a slut serving a Lady, an object of torture, an executor arm or just have a drink watching the performance? You choose.

There should always be room for improvisation, I like the organization, but not everything gridded.

Don’t stay wandering and waiting for someone to write the script of your life, come to the dungeon to start it for yourself😉

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