Night of partying

Today is a day of re-encounters. I’ll see many of you tonight at the dungeon, plus all that I’ve seen these days.

I’ve been asked what I‘m going to wear tonight, and honestly, I still have no idea, I decide those things at the last moment and it is still very early. But surely something fetish 馃槈

My bitch 鈥嬧媓as already reminded me that I have to go to make my nails done and I have bad news for long nail fetishists: I cut them before holiday, because they were already so extremely long that I could barely type. But they grow quickly, so soon will again be imposible.

A relaxing bath is always the beginning of everything else, although with temperatures of Madrid, I don’t know what condition I’ll arrive at the dungeon, lol.

Whips, paddles, floggers everything ready. There will be some pictures tomorrow 馃槈

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